Yoga Classes

Want to start your yoga journey but don't know where to begin? Or already have a practice, but you're bored of the routine? Need a little boost + motivation? You're in the perfect place. With one on one yoga classes, you can personally tailor each class to be the perfect fit for you.

I wan to help you create your very own personalized yoga class​.

You decide:

1) Level

Where are you at in your practice? Do you want a beginner, intermediate, or advanced yoga class?

2) Style

What type of yoga do you prefer? Basic Hatha, Power flow (vinyasa), Ashtanga Vinyasa or Yin (restorative)? Aren't sure what style is best for you? No worries! After booking, we'll discuss what the most benefitical class will be for you.

3) Focus

What do you want to focus on in this class? Do you suffer from any chronic pain or injuries that you want to pay special care to? Or are you a bit more experienced and you really want to work on opening your hips so you can get those splits down? Want to build core strength? If you don't have a sure idea, I will send you a document listing and explaining the many areas of the body we can focus on during your class. If you want to open up and stretch your whole body, we can do that too!

4) Length

How long would you like the class to be? I currently offer 30 minute and 60 minutes lessons. Contact me if this doesn't work for you and you're interested in other options. We can always work it out! :)

5) Video or Skype

How do you want to receive your personalized yoga class? Would you like to have a one on one Skype session with me where I can interact with you and give you pointers? We'll pick the best time for your schedule and I will be there to guide and support you throughout the whole class. Or you can chose to have a video sent to you. I will record a video as I guide you through your personalized yoga class and send the video straight to you! This way you have it to keep watching and practicing with as much as you'd like.

**Important Information**

-For personal videos choose a random date & time for booking because we will decide that together.

-For Skype sessions choose a date & time no less than FOUR days after booking date. This will allow us to discuss the class expectations and for me to prepare.

-You will receive a document from me after booking so you can fill out required fields of what you are looking for in the class.

-There will be NO payment taken until after we have discussed & planned the class together.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me here.

Personal Video
30 min
Skype Session
30 min
Personal Video
1 hr
Skype Session
1 hr