5 Essential Oils That Saved My Life While Traveling

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

If you're heading out on a trip and trying to avoid prescription meds - or maybe you're already abroad and looking for all natural remedies, get yourself these five essential oils. I carry these oils with me where ever I go and wouldn't survive without them!

Ever since I started traveling, essential oils have been my saving grace. When setting out on a solo journey which started in India, I refused to get any vaccinations or medications, determined to go the all natural route. I’ve survived off of these oils, fought off any germs and bacteria coming my way and I’ve never looked back. Obviously there’s a time and place for prescription meds and I am in no way a doctor telling you what to take, but these are my own personal experiences using only essential oils. Here’s a list of my top five essential oils I take with me wherever I go and what uses they have (there’s tons!!).

1. Tea Tree Oil

Known as the ‘First Aid Oil’ because of its’ antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It is great for any wounds, cuts or bites. I make my own healing salve with tea tree oil which I use for literally everything. It stops itchy bug bites, it heals cuts and infections, it prevents ear infections after swimming, you name it. The oil itself can be applied topically, but you should never apply it directly to the skin. First mix it with a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or purchase a wonderful handmade ‘Herbal Healing Salve’ made by yours truly! :) With calendula infused olive oil, lavender and tea tree for all the skin nourishment, healing, and antibacterial powers. Find it here!

- Treat acne

- Get rid of dandruff - Cure foot fungus, toe fungus and athlete’s foot

- Relieve itchiness & remove rashes

- Prevent lice, fleas, or ticks

- Remove warts and skin tags

- Relieve earaches

- Antiseptic on cuts or scrapes

2. Oregano Oil

This is the ‘Immune Support Oil’ and literally my best friend when traveling in places like India, Mexico and Morocco where it’s pretty common to get sick from the bacteria in the food or water. I would put one drop of the oil in about 1/2 a cup of water (maybe less) and take it like a shot. It’s not the most pleasant taste and kind of burns your mouth, but trust me, it’s better than getting the infamous Delhi Belly.

- Fights heart disease

- Powerful antioxidant

- Help lower cholesterol

- Treat ear infection

- Boosts immunity

- Treat candida, yeast infections and UTIs

- Treat sinus infections and allergies

- Treat bronchitis

- Treat gingivitis

- Treat ringworm

- Bug Repellant

Check out this great article on how to harvest your own oregano!


3. Lavender Oil

Most people already know this to be ‘The Calming Oil’ and who doesn’t love the scent? I put a few drops on my wrist as a daily perfume or before meditation add a few drops behind your ears for an extra calming effect. If you’re feeling anxious or can’t sleep, a few drops on your pillow will work wonders. Also a beautiful and healing oil for the skin, and featured in Basic Botanicals Herbal Healing Salve, too.

- Cure insomnia

- Soothe sunburn

- Reduce swelling & pain of bug bites

- Treat headache

- Treat nausea and motion sickness

- Heal acne

- Soothe sore muscles

- Get rid of dry, itchy skin

4. Peppermint Oil

This oil is ‘The Cooling Oil’ that I use a ton for pain relief. Headache? Rub a few drops on your forehead and temples. Menstruation cramps? Rub a few drops on your lower belly. It’s great for concentration and energy too. If I’m feeling a little drowsy early mornings before work, I will diffuse peppermint oil and immediately feel awake. Peppermint oil is one of the main ingredients along with hemp seed oil in my Pain Relief Salve so I use it a ton and love it. It is also combined with eucalyptus oil which makes for a great all natural vapor rub when feeling congested. Unfortunately, I am sold out of that one right now, but find the rest of my all natural, hand made products here!

- Cure stomach aches

- Relive toothaches

- Get rid of headache

- Seasonal allergy relief

- Clear mucus and reduce congestion

- Relieve scratchy throat

- Relieve muscle pain

- Natural energizer

- Reduce dandruff

- Reduce nausea

- Bug repellant

5. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is known as the ‘Detox Oil’ and is also great for an energy boost if you use it in a diffuser. Surprisingly, it has also come in handy as a de-gummer too. I am embarrassed to say that I have had gum stuck in my hair while in India and thankfully I had my trusty bag of essential oils in my purse. The gum came out right away and it was really tangled in there!

- Energy boost

- De - gummer (can remove anything sticky)

- Banish cold sores

- Reduce heartburn

- Relieve nausea

- Nourish skin

- Antimicrobial

- Natural disinfectant

- Reduce acid indigestion

- Increase concentration and alertness

- Effective against fever, Typhoid and Malaria

So as you can see, these oils are pretty darn powerful. And having just a handful of oils with you can help with almost every common ailment. I wouldn’t have survived without them and I am proud to say I haven’t taken any prescribed medication in YEARS because of the healing properties of these magical plants.

Make sure you know where you're getting your oils from. Do proper research, buy organic, and learn about the possible side effects and dangers of the oils too. DoTerra and Young Living are two brands I highly recommend. They're pricey but will last a while and are worth every penny!

Are you interested to know more?

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