10 Simple Ways to Ease Into Zero Waste Living

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Check out these super easy ways to start integrating zero waste living into your lifestyle. You don't need to break the bank and purchase all glass everything! Keep it simple and cheap. Everyone can do it!

Trying to eliminate even just a little bit of waste from our individual lives will make a massive impact on our planet. Every person needs to do their part and it starts with awareness and making a conscious effort. The whole ‘zero waste living’ thing has become trendy and now there are tons of companies selling reusable this, bamboo that, and glass jars in every shape and size.

It doesn’t have to break the bank and it’s pretty contradictory to try eliminating waste by buying a whole bunch of new crap. I mean, if you already have plastic Tupperware fine, keep using it. Don’t throw it in a landfill just so you can waste more money to buy glass containers. The whole idea is about being more resourceful and reusing what you do have. And not buying MORE.

I guarantee you have plenty of old glass jars and tote bags that can very easily be used to start converting to zero waste.

Here are a few very simple ways you can start integrating this lifestyle, but without breaking the bank! Make it an effort to try to use less and less plastic. No one is perfect and every little bit helps!


1. Stop using plastic grocery bags. You probably have a few old totes hanging around your house. If you don't, invest in a couple of reusable ones. Grab a few at your local supermarkets for $3-$4 each or order simple canvas bags on Amazon.

2. Use old rags for cleaning. Instead of wasting millions of paper towels, make use out of old rags and towels. These work great for a hand towel, cleaning the kitchen, and wiping the counters.

3. Start buying in bulk. You don’t have to be perfect. And if you’re not ready to be that crunchy granola shopping in whole foods bulk section with your mason jar, at least start shopping in Costco where you can buy things in large quantities which will still = LESS waste. If you do like buying in bulk food sections, bring recycled jars or even small mesh / cotton bags to pick up seeds, grains, nuts, spices, herbs, etc.

4. Invest in some reusable straws for your home. You can find decently prices stainless steel straws on Amazon that even the kids will love. You can find them in all shapes and colors too.

5. Ladies- please, please stop using tampons. Purchase a reusable cup for less than $20 on Amazon and stop putting toxic chemicals in places they aren’t meant to be. Did you know, the average woman will go through 11,700 tampons in their life time. That’s ABSURD. Let’s put an end to that.

6. Start making more homemade products. Conventional cleaning products are filled with chemicals that are extremely harmful. A bottle of vinegar, baking soda, and tea tree oil can go a long way in cleaning your household. Also look into making your own soaps, shampoos, detergents and beauty products. Castille soap can be bought in bulk and can be made into so much!

7. Reuse EVERYTHING. If you still have some plastics hanging around your house like Tupperware or ziplocks, at least reuse them. Your obsessive Chinese food takeout binge doesn’t need to all go to the trash. In the very least, keep the plastic containers and find another use for them. Use them for leftover dinners or kids lunches instead of buying something new. Ziplocks can very easily be washed out and reused for a long time too!

8. Avoid plastic when you can. When you’re out shopping, always try to opt for things in glass jars rather than plastic. The glass jars can be very easy recycled for so many different things. Anything that has a reusable lid is great. Everything stays more fresh when its sealed in a glass jar anyways! I use recycled jars for all of my grains, nuts, herbs, teas, powders and anything else I can squish in there.

9. Have a set of reusable silverware always ready in your purse or car. If you are grabbing lunch to go, you can skip the plastic silverware and use your own. There are tons of bamboo sets all over the internet you can purchase but truth be told, sticking an extra knife, fork, and spoon from your kitchen works just fine. Don’t forget your cloth napkin too!

10. Start cooking more. We all know home cooked food comes with a lot more love and nutrition. Make it a point to eat in at least once or twice more than you usually would. You'll save more money this way too!

There ya go! It's really that simple! Give it a try and I'd love to know what other tips you've got. It's a work in process and something that you can begin to slowly integrate into your lifestyle. You will feel extremely satisfied once you begin this journey and you're doing your part to help our planet!