Guided Meditation

Let's begin your meditation practice today.

Meditation is the single most important practice when beginning your spiritual journey. If you want to raise a higher vibration, embrace your true self, and manifest your dreams - meditation is the best place to start.

Meditation increases happiness, benefits immune health, reduces depression, reduces stress and anxiety, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases focus and awareness, brings a newfound clarity, and so, so much more.


Everyone can do it. And luckily for you, you don't have to do it for hours on end. Just 10-15 minutes a day make the world of a difference. 

Check out my blog post here on 'Why You Are Struggling to Meditate' 

I'm here to help you begin incorporating this sacred space into your daily life.

Like my personalized yoga classes that you can find here.

I also am offering personalized guided meditations. 

In either 15 or 30 minutes, I will guide you through a beautiful journey of inner stillness and peace. I will send you an audio file that you can listen to anytime and anyplace. Listen to it on your way to work and create a positive environment and calm start to your day or listen to it before bed and ease your way into a soundless sleep.

Have something weighing heavily on your heart lately? Let me know if there's a certain intention or goal you are trying to bring it fruition. Do you have certain fears and doubts you want to get out of your system, or energetic imbalances you want to work on? Share this with me and I will make this journey a special one just for you. If you are open to trying something new and not sure where to begin. That's perfect, too! I will happily tune into your energy and guide you through what I feel will be the best fit.


Every single meditation is completely personalized and sent ONLY to you.  

**Important Information**

-When booking, please select a random date & time. This will allow us time to chat & figure out what your expectations & focus will be.

-Typically the file is sent to you 3-4 days after booking. 

-There will be NO payment taken until after we have discussed & planned the class together.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me here.

Guided Meditation
15 min
Guided Meditation
30 min